qui|et1 [ `kwaıət ] adjective ***
1. ) making very little or no noise:
Electric cars are quiet and pollution-free.
some quiet soothing music
a ) used about people who are not talking or who do not usually talk much:
a quiet sensitive boy
go quiet: The whole room went quiet when he walked in.
grow quiet: On the way home, she grew quiet and thoughtful.
b ) used about places in which there is little noise:
The house was quiet again.
2. ) if a place is quiet, it is not very busy:
We live in a quiet residential area.
a quiet little coastal town
The malls are often fairly quiet in the middle of the week.
a quiet country road
a ) if a situation or period of time is quiet, there is very little activity happening then:
a quiet relaxing vacation
Business has been unusually quiet this holiday season.
a quiet drink: I just went out for a quiet drink with my girlfriend.
a quiet life: Miles wanted nothing but a quiet life.
3. ) used about feelings that someone has but does not show or talk about:
There was a mood of quiet desperation in the place.
her quiet confidence
be quiet SPOKEN
used for telling someone to stop talking or making a noise:
Will you be quiet, I'm trying to read.
have a quiet word with someone SPOKEN
to speak to someone in an informal way about a problem:
Maybe I should have a quiet word with Tom's teacher?
keep quiet about something or keep something quiet
to not tell anyone about something:
Can we trust him to keep quiet about what he's seen?
We're going to keep her decision quiet for the moment.
╾ qui|et|ness noun uncount
qui|et 2 [ `kwaıət ] noun uncount
a place or situation where there is not much noise or activity:
Can we have some quiet please (=can everyone stop talking)?
quiet of: He relaxed in the quiet of his hotel room.
peace and quiet: We moved to the countryside for some peace and quiet.
on the quiet INFORMAL
without telling anyone
qui|et 3 [ `kwaıət ] verb AMERICAN
1. ) quiet or quiet down intransitive or transitive if someone or something quiets or you quiet them, they become less noisy:
The town quieted for the night.
how to quiet a baby's crying
The audience quieted down as Julie stood up to introduce the speakers.
2. ) transitive to reduce the amount of fear, worry, disagreement etc. that someone feels:
Threats of financial pressure seemed to quiet church opposition.
,quiet `down phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
same as QUIET 3 1

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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